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Rowe v. Wade

As the election year of 2014 begins, the liberal/progressive/socialists are already setting their biennial, abortion trap for religious conservatives, and many conservatives will happily step into it.  The other side loves to portray conservatives as being hostile toward women in denying them access to abortion on demand.  They start with the idea that all conservatives wish to reverse the Rowe v. Wade decision and they hammer conservatives with the simple phrase “Republicans are hostile toward women.”  Religious conservatives get an extra measure of hateful rhetoric.


Do not be sucked into the Rowe v. Wade argument.  Do not advocate the reversal of Rowe v. Wade.  Do not support or campaign for candidates that make the reversal Rowe v. Wade an issue.


As a religious conservative, I offer the following thoughts concerning abortion.


Rowe v. Wade should not be overturned and conservatives should distance themselves from any effort to do so.  The government’s role in the matter of abortion should be to protect the sovereignty of the citizens, the concept of which is embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in the 10th and 13th amendments, and as discussed in the Federalist Papers.  If you believe that the government has the right to restrict or make abortion illegal, then you infer that the government also has the right to force abortion when it suits its purpose.


In addition to the belief that life begins at conception, one of the basic concepts in Christianity is that God leaves humans with a choice.  One can either follow God’s laws or not, at one’s own peril.  The concept of personal sovereignty and choice is laid out very well in the following link.   Biblical Sovereignty


To soften their position and appear cooperative, some conservatives advance the compromising, fallacious argument that abortion should be legal in the case of rape or incest.  This begs the questions, are these children any less innocent than other children, and who gets to decide?


Does God not care for the unborn?  How do naturally still-borns get their chance at heaven, and does God differentiate between aborted babies and still-born babies?


A nationwide ban on abortions in unenforceable.  With today’s easy access to drugs, women don’t need abortionists, they can do it themselves.  What will the punishment be for self-induced abortion?  Will it be treated as murder?


The day that a nationwide ban on abortion goes into effect, I predict that several members of some liberal women’s group will stand up on a court house steps and declare that they are, pregnant or not, about to abort their babies.  When that happens, what will the authorities do?  Take them into custody and restrain and force feed them until they deliver?  Far fetched?  A similar fate happened to imprisoned women suffragettes in England who started a hunger strike.  Some nearly died and it didn’t end well for the government.


The only reasonable options for conservatives to take with the abortion issue is to encourage women who are thinking about abortion to opt for adoption of their unwanted child, or support these mothers in raising the child.  The most obvious way of doing this is to support private organizations offering this service with money or as a volunteer worker.  Carenet Sierra Vista